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Real Estate Photography


Real Estate Photography can take on a variety of different forms from interior, exterior and now even using drones. I personally feel I have a unique type of real estate photography in Hawaii because I use a multi-flash technique. This is where I use a wifi flash system, I physically walk around the entire room I’m shooting and flash every major point of the room. At times I’ll walk around and shoot up to 20 different photos of the same room with my flash. I then take these images, stack them in photoshop and manually blend the images so the room is properly exposed. This is a much more natural type of look than an HDR photo. I personally do not like HDR technique because it doesn’t look professional in my opinion. Even though my way of shooting real estate photography is a bit more tedious and takes longer, my client appreciates the more natural and evenly exposed look.


Luxury Real Estate


I’ve had the honor of photographing the most expensive house ever listed in Hawaii. It was the penthouse at Waiea for 36 million dollars. Needless to say, it was amazing and such an honor. Regardless of listing price, I treat all of my clients the same and I shoot with the same style, which is multiple flashes. Additionally, I shoot each room with the outside window exposed properly so the view of the room is seem. I feel this is very important, especially for luxury homes since the view is usually very nice and a high selling point.


Hotels & Resorts


I really shooting hotels and resorts. My wife who is a fashion and travel blogger writes for AOL and Pop Sugar.┬áBecause of her connections with PR companies, we’ve been able to travel around the world staying in beautiful 5 star hotels. Normally I will shoot the rooms and hero shots of the property, sometimes the hotels will request hero shots or highlight videos of the property which I can do as well. Usually within a week after we return, I’ll have the photos and videos edited and my wife will have written about our experience. She then submits the travel portion to AOL which normally always publishes her work (with my photos). We make a great team and have been doing this for close to 5 years now. Our travels have included Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Peru and recently Japan. We enjoy doing this very much. Please contact me if you’re interested in any of my services.


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