Surfing Waves


This page will be dedicated to surf videos and wave videos. I use a variety of different cameras including the Canon 5D Mark ii, recently upgraded to the Mark 3, surprisingly you can also record RAW video with the Canon 50D (you can hack the camera to shoot RAW) and finally with GoPro 1 and GoPro Hero 3. GoPro worked good for me for many years, but I recently upgraded to the 3. All of these equipments have helped me with the videos you will see on this page. I also use Final Cut Pro for all my edits. I’m self taught everything, from shooting to videos to editing to website designs to SEO. I only hope to improve, I hope you enjoy the videos and please check back because videos is very fun in the ocean and I plan on doing many more in the months to come.






Chasing Waves – Kickstarter Project from Kenji C on Vimeo.